Current Events

Southern Parkway Construction

Due to construction on the Southern Parkway and adjoining Hurricane City project, Sand Hollow Road is closed from the 4300 West intersection, south and east of the reservoir, up to the intersection of 1100 West and 3000 South. This section of road will be closed for construction through Mid-January 2021. The Southern Parkway remains open west of the reservoir toward Washington City and the Saint George Regional Airport.

Click to see the latest UDOT notice:
Southern Parkway Construction Notice

Lake Powell Pipeline Transmission Lines Routing Changed

Great news - the routing of the Lake Powell Pipeline transmission lines has been changed so the lines are no longer going to be routed through Dixie Springs!

Click to see the newsletter that has been put together by all the agencies involved. The newsletter shows the new routing for the transmission lines:
A Message to Dixie Springs Residents

On 4/13/2020, there was a phone call with the following people associated with the Lake Powell pipeline project:

  • Karry Rathje, Communications Director of the Washington County Conservancy District
  • Rick Backster, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Lidel Laub, CEO of Dixie Power
  • Joel Williams, Project Manager for the Utah Board of Water Resources
  • Zach Renstrom, General Manager of the Washington County Water District

Zach. This is a state of Utah project. Consultants are on the phone that are designers. The water from Lake Powell has to be pumped east of Kanab. At that point, it is all downhill to the Sand Hollow reservoir. Energy is captured using generators during the downhill run. The electricity needs to be put on the grid. They are connecting to Dixie Power to sell the power. Zach has talked to people in Dixie Springs. People who purchased homes in Dixie Springs were not informed about the possibility of power lines in their neighborhood. Zach has been working with Dixie Power to find an alternate route.

Lidel. They have a long-range plan of their own. In their plan, they have a new transmission substation west of the Sand Hollow reservoir. There is a line already exists that currently does not hook to anything. They built the transmission piece and the distribution piece together in anticipation of growth in the area. They are scheduled to build the new substation in the next couple of years. It appears that timing of the building of the substation and the needs of the pipeline will coincide. Therefore, they will connect to this new substation rather than the Dixie Springs substation. Therefore, the line would not go through Dixie Springs.

Rick. They have removed from the EIS the route that goes through the Dixie Springs neighborhood so it will not even be considered in the analysis. The bringing up of these issues are part of the public input process. This ended up being the perfect solution to a difficult problem. Thanks to Dixie Power for working to find a solution. Zach, Jodell and Joel have made this a priority and made this change possible.

The Dixie Springs residents gave everyone a heartfelt thanks for making this happen. In future comment periods, we should make our thanks known. It means a lot to the people that have been working on this problem. It would also be good if you sent a thanks to Zach Renstrom, Lidel Laub, Joel Williams and Rick Backster.

The Dixie Springs residents owe this result to Nancy Russell, who has been working hard on this for a very long time now.

2020 Hurricane Vision Meetings

The City of Hurricane will be having meetings to get feedback on revising the General Plan.

Hurricane Vision Feedback Meetings

2020 Dixie Springs Garage Sale

The 2020 Dixie Springs Community garage sale will be held in teh fall. The date is to be determined..

If you have anything to sell, this is a great time to do it. The garage sale is always well attended and the people managing it do a great job of getting lots of buyers to Dixie Springs.

The cost is $5 per home. This will pay for the advertising, maps that are handed out at the entrance to Dixie Springs, and signs at major corners. The maps will have the location of each participating home marked. You will set up your items at your home. You are responsible for signage to your home. It is a good idea to put a sign pointing to your home from the major roads in Dixie Springs, a sign in front of your home and a sign at the end of the road to point people to your home.